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Main Dishes

Roasted Chicken with a Mustard Crust

Sabzi with Curry

Food is the source of energy for all of our bodily functions and directly affects how our bodies and minds function in every stage of life

Grilled Chicken Sandwich-with Pesto Goat Cheese Spread

Veg. Biryani (Rice)

Eating rice is extremely beneficial for your health, simply because it does not contain harmful fats, cholesterol or sodium. It forms an integral part of balanced diet.

banh mi

Dry Sabzi

carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables and fruits provide a balance of calories and nutrients, whereas simple carbs such as sugar and white flour are high in calories and low in nutrients,




Gulab jamun is a dessert often eaten at festivals or major celebrations such as marriages etc . There are various types of gulab jamun and every variety has a distinct taste and appearance.

sweet toast and ice cream

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a frozen food usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavours.


fruits salad

Fruits Salad

Fruit salad is a dish consisting of various kinds of fruit, sometimes served in a liquid, either in their own juices or a syrup. When served as an appetizer or as a dessert, a fruit salad is sometimes known as a fruit cocktail or fruit cup.

Greek salad

Green Salad

A garden salad (also green salad or tossed salad) is a salad consisting mostly of fresh vegetables. The base for the salad are greens such as Possible ingredients include: tomato, carrot, onion, cucumber, radish etc.