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Service Provider undertakes to engage requisite number of trained personnel of all cadres for providing the services at its own cost, expenses and SCA shall not make any payment whatsoever by way of emolument to such personnel.

Service Provider shall provide substitutes, replacements, etc. in the event any of his employees is absent or is not able to attend to the work due to any reason. Service Provider shall ensure that the substituted person shall understand and follow the regulations of SCA.

Service Provider will decide the number of personnel to be engaged for execution of the work entrusted to them and will alone be entitled to direct such workers in respect of the manner of carrying out the work without any interference or intervention whatsoever by SCA.

SCA will not have any connection or contract with the employees of the Service Provider and neither SCA nor any of its Officers will supervise the work or dictate to the Service Provider’s employees about the manner of execution/accomplishment of their jobs.

Service Provider agrees to execute and discharge the work and obligations to the entire satisfaction of SCA in accordance with the direction and specific instructions as may be issued from time to time.

Service Provider is responsible and liable for the implementation of all statutory provisions applicable to them and their employees.

Service Provider shall obtain License\Registration under the provisions of the Contract Labor (Regulations and Abolition) Act, 1970 and other Applicable laws.

Service Provider shall comply with all laws and regulations of the land including, without limitation, all policies and regulations of SCA governing (a) lab our/employees, (b) environmental safety, (c) product and health safety, and (d) Security. SCA shall in the event of any violation of these policies, have the option at its sole discretion to terminate this agreement with immediate effect without notice or payment in lie thereof.

Service Provider has all required permits and licenses necessary to perform the Services and that its Services will conform with all applicable permits and licenses. Service provider will promptly notify SCA in writing in the event any permit or license is revoked or has expired.

The Service Provider shall make use of the Canteen ( i.e. the Kitchen, Store Room and Lunch Room), Furniture, Catering Utensils and Crockery, Electric Power for lighting free of any charge for the purpose of catering service for the benefit of the employees SCA. It shall be the duty of the Service Provider to maintain the equipments, the utensils and the crockery supplied by SCA, to him in good condition and the Service Provider shall make good any loss of breakage of the equipments , utensils and crockery.

The Service Provider shall make his own arrangements for purchase of raw-material from market required by him for running the Canteen.

The Service Provider shall provide hot snacks, tea and coffee, meals and other articles of food and drink of good quality to the SCA employees. Other than Items Listed out no other Items will be brought in the Factory premises.

The rates payable to the Service Provider for serving Tea, Snacks and Hot Milk, Meals and other items are stipulated in the annexure to this agreement.

The Service Provider shall maintain a very high standard of cleanliness of the Canteen, Utensils, Crockery, Furniture etc.

The Service Provider shall engage such servants as are approved by the SCA. The SCA shall, before engaging any servant get him medically examined by a physician prescribed by the SCA and shall not engage any servant unless he is found medically fit by the said Physician. The SCA may at any time require the Service Provider to get any servant engaged by him medically examined at the cost of the Service Provider during the period the servant is so engaged by the Service Provider and if such servant is found medically unfit the Service Provider shall discharge such servant immediately.

The Service Provider shall provide Uniforms to all of his servants and no servant shall be permitted to work in the canteen unless he wears such uniforms. The Service Provider shall get the colour /pattern of the Uniforms approved by the SCA. The Service Provider shall maintain the Uniforms of such servants in good and clean condition and shall ensure proper washing.

The Service Provider shall maintain necessary registers including wage register for the servants employed by him and submit the wage statement of such servants to the SCA on or before 7th day of each month. It is however distinctly understood that the SCA shall be in no way liable for the wages and allowances, if any, of the Service Provider’s servants.

STAFF OF Service Provide

Manning Requirement
Service Provide shall be solely responsible for, to decide upon and provide the required number of staff of specific competence, designation, qualification and experience, for the performance of services under this contract.
Employees of Service Provider
The staff engaged by Service Provider shall be in the employment of Service Provider and not of the CLIENT. The CLIENT shall not be responsible for the supervision of or direction to the employees of Service Provider either by way of claims for wages or salaries and/or statutory dues or any other dues whatsoever, All payments to such staff including salary and benefits shall also be the responsibility of Service Provider.
Supervision of Service Provider
The staff engaged by Service Provider shall work exclusively under the supervision, direction and control of Service Provider and as such shall receive instructions and orders from Service Provider. SCA shall not give any orders to any of the staff of Service Provider but shall communicate only with the site in-charge of service provider.
Staff Uniform
Service Provider shall provide the required uniform to the staff for performance of services under this contract. The cost of two set of uniform for Service provider employees at site will be provided by service provider at its own cost.
Identification for Staff
The employees of service provider entering the premises of SCA shall have proper badge for identification provided by SCA.
Access to Staff
It is agreed by and between the parties to this contract that the staff & representatives of Service provider shall have full license and liberty to enter upon and make restricted use of a part of the premises designated/specified by SCA from time to time for the performance of the services and SCA hereby accords full and free ingress and egress to and from the premises so far as shall be absolutely necessary for the purpose of performance of the services herein mentioned. Service provider shall ensure that its employees remain in the premises only during the specified working hours, or as may be mutually agreed upon shift timings.
Service provider and its employees shall submit to and abide by all the rules and regulations of security including without limitation, searches, if necessary, by the security staff of the SCA.
Staff Hygiene
Service provider shall ensure that all its employees and staff handling food preparation, take every precaution of personal cleanliness and hygiene. All the food handling staff shall ensure using head caps covering hair completely and wear apron/coat. Adequate spare caps and aprons/coats shall also be made available by Service provider for non - food handlers entering the food preparation area.
Service provider shall ensure that the staff moves only within the area permitted for its service indicated under the scope of services and shall enforce discipline and good order among it and its employees. Where behavior of any of the employee of service provider is not conducive to maintaining discipline, hygiene and security in the premises, SCA shall have the absolute right to direct service provider verbally followed by written notice, to remove such employee from the premises. Upon receiving such instructions, Service provider shall comply with the same within one week of receipt of such written notice.
Smoking / drinking / substance abuse prohibited
Service provider agrees that the staff shall not be permitted to smoke or drink (alcoholic beverages) within the premises of the SCA. It is further agreed that none of the employees of service provider shall be allowed to work within the SCA’s premises while under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited substances.
Medical tests by service provider Service provider shall submit periodical medical records of its employees/staff and before they are deployed for service at the premises of SCA. Following tests would be covered under a general medical check up:
  • Physical examination
  • CBC routine
  • Urine Routine
  • Stool Routine